About Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) teaches a practical way to come from your inner core of wisdom. It has been developed over the past 40+ years by master Los Angeles therapists, Drs. Jack Lee Rosenberg and Beverly Kitaen Morse. IBP addresses the physical-energetic, psychological-emotional, and existential-spiritual nature of being human to feel an authentic, calm aliveness, a clear and fulfilling grounded sense of self, mental clarity, constancy and wellbeing.

Getting Certified

IBP Global is an international organization of thousands of professionals from all disciplines of Psychiatry, Medicine, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Coaching, and Allied Professionals.

IBP Mental Health Professionals are highly trained. To become certified, IBP professionals must complete a lengthy training program and engage in extensive personal IBP therapy with a training therapist. Many IBP therapists complete an additional specific training program to become IBP teachers.

IBP is committed to working toward current endeavors towards specific research confirming the efficacy of IBP body-mind methodology. IBP is a dynamic psychotherapy in nature and purpose. IBP fosters collaborative dialogue, and the continuing development of its practices and research.

Benefits of being an international IBP Member

  • Becoming A Member

    Membership is open to those IBP students, practitioners, and allied professionals who wish to engage in the IBP way of being and the gains they can experience both personally and professionally.

  • Access Unique Resources

    Gain access to archived member-only articles and recordings to further your knowledge. Gain access 24/7 to exclusive IBP handouts to support your practice.

  • Stay In The Know

    Have the unique opportunity to dialogue online with colleagues worldwide regarding selected topics of interest and become a contributor to grow the community knowledge base.